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The futures line of customized planning notebooks helps students experiencing conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder to organize and track educational material more effectively for their unique needs. All students can benefit from the structure and organization format presented. The notebooks include phrases and quotes meant to enlighten and inspire students as they face their challenges proactively using the tools they need to succeed.


jewels for justice

Our founder, Leah Ellis, battled to free her son who was unfairly snared in the labyrinth of a cold and callous juvenile justice system without regard for his own ongoing mental health issues. This ordeal sparked the ember that eventually grew into the jewels4justice line of leahmonet llc.


 “He ended up in the justice system, but they weren’t treating him. They didn’t have the tools, they didn’t have the skills, they didn’t have the education to treat him properly,” Ellis said. “It was a difficult time in my life. Making jewelry became a therapy for me. I called it jewels4justice because it was something I could wear into court with me. It was something I could wear into the therapy sessions with me. It was something I could wear around the different activists I finally found to help him. It meant something for me in that courtroom. I wasn’t by myself. My son would look over at me while we were in the courtroom and see that piece of jewelry that he couldn’t wear, so I would wear a piece for him as well. It was something that connected us.”

In addition to a beautiful piece of homemade jewelry, you will also be supporting the leahmonet Philanthropist FoundationTM with every purchase.

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A third leahmonet llc product line is still in the conceptual phase. The planned clothing line TRUTH has a mission to destigmatize mental health issues and help people to wear their personal truths. Ellis hopes her fashion-forward clothing line will open the door wide for the wearers and people who see them to have an open an honest conversation about mental illness. People will wear their TRUTH to shine a light in the dark corners of the public discourse around mental illness, mental wellness and the importance of an honest dialogue that yields awareness and action.