Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This collection began its creation when I, Leah Ellis, returned to college in 2014. I was looking for a planner to help organize my schedule in a more meticulous way than the offered planners. After searching different stores and online, I decided to create what I was looking for on my computer. While creating the different pages of my planner, I was getting a heavier load in my courses and began focusing on something to help me keep my notes organized and study effectively.

I created a notebook template and took it to my classes, I made note of things I thought did not work, as well as things I thought did work. It took me about two weeks or so to get my master notebook template. Over the next several years I tested my design adjusting it as I progressed through my classes. I passed my template out to other students to see if they benefited from it, eventually I showed this to teachers, principals, and finally some of my professors.

I deal with ADD so it was important my layout allowed me to have a clear and organized structure to help me while I was taking notes, reviewing those notes, and eventually when I created a study guide. I am moved by affirmations and self-motivation, due to this I considered others who struggle with the same thing I do. I decided to add motivational quotes throughout my notebooks as I wanted my quotes to be seen daily as a constant reminder to consider mine and others greatness. My quotes are on all the dividers in each notebook.

Now after six years of testing and adjustments, I am ready to offer my product to the public. This is my first product that has gone to production and I am so excited to get feedback from a larger audience. This product will be offered first to Michigan State University as a test study, with the feedback from a group of students at MSU, and making adjustments to the notebooks if needed. We will then offer my notebooks collection to all colleges and universities in the coming months and years.

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