Who is leahmonet?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

leahmonet is a company developed by Leah Ellis, many ask, who is leahmonet... or what is the meaning of leahmonet. The concept is to create residual income to fund my foundation where the funds raised will be devoted to programs that helped me throughout my life. I have faced many hardships in my life, living through them I found that there must be a better way for the community to help people who are suffering.

I am a single mother, a returning student, a domestic violence survivor; I struggle with my mental health, I live with an incurable chronic health condition; I have been homeless three times in my life, my family has been torn apart due to the injustice and broken juvenile justice system; I am also love, truth and light. I have been lucky to have encountered beautiful people through the different programs I have reached out to through my struggles, I have also seen that we as a community need to invest more in the rebuilding of individuals. I was broken for a long time, to be honest, I am still broken in some areas of my life, I lacked a lot of support I needed to help rebuild myself. With leahmonet, my goal is to fill in those gaps that are not provided from state and local programs, and even family. With the funds contributed to my foundation I want to walk with individuals until they are made whole. Many only need someone to give them a chance, a chance to become their best-self, knowing there is someone there walking with them. In everything I have been through, God never allowed me to experience the worst of it, but he allowed me to see the reality of the worst and gave me a vision where I could help as many as I can to avoid the worst of their situation.

So, who is leahmonet? leahmonet aspires to be the answer to many calls for help. I have been there, I have seen it, I understand, I have walked in it. I live it. I understand that there are somethings that you never get over, you face it but will always carry it with you, whatever that it may be. I also know that you can achieve your dreams regardless of your hardships. l leahmonet will be an inspiration to many who have walked in my shoes, and those who currently walk in my experiences. This company will encourage people to take their leap of faith and begin living. Life trials are only a baptism by fire, we can walk through to the other side shining bright, stepping into the best version of ourselves.