Updated: Feb 9, 2021

leahmonet is a for-profit company created to fund the leahmonet Philanthropist Foundation™. We focus on seven separate causes, one is no more important than the other, they each are, in their own way, vital to supporting one to walk in their greatness. Our causes:

Mental Health:

The current energy around mental health is, at times, debilitating for those dealing with it. We want to help with the awareness of mental health, showing that it is a disease just as any other medically diagnosed disease. Educating the public, and more importantly, those in one’s support system and those closest them, is vital to the healing and management of the several different conditions. It is most important to educate the person who has been impacted by this. Just like any other medical diagnoses, there are precautions, methods of management, and next steps. We want to help support those affected and the family and friends of the diagnosed, approach this new path of life in the best way possible.

Domestic Violence:

We want to support those living in a domestic violent situation, and those who are survivors, build their self-courage and strength. Domestic violence situations have so many layers and the help that is needed for this cause will look differently based on the situation. Our voice is to speak to individuals and families, and the current organizations set in place to help and fill in whatever gaps that create barriers for them to get assistance and heal from their experience.


Some of the main causes that lead to homeless are mental health conditions and those running from domestic violent situations. Our purpose is to not only spread awareness of this problem, but we want to create a solution for many in this current situation. How will we do this? As with all the causes we focus on, the solution will vary based on the situation, but leahmonet wants to walk with these individuals and families with the intention to keep them from ever being homeless again. This, in many cases, will be a lengthy process, but we will commit to everyone we help to not leave their side until their solution is met.

Juvenile Justice System:

This system is so broken, and though there are preventative programs set up, there is a lot of room for improvement. In addition to helping with the child involved in the system, we will focus on helping the families. The juvenile justice system tears families apart. There is no support for the parents and the siblings of the child in the system. This help may be lawyer fees, gas money, counseling, connections with advocacy groups, and a variety of other resources. Partnering with other organizations will be instrumental in fulfilling our commitment to this cause.

Single Parents:

Being a single is an extremely hard job. There are so many single parents out there with no help from the other parent and no local and community support. Our goal here is find the area of support the individual need to provide better for their household. This may be returning to school to qualify for a better job, providing funds for child-care and tutors for the children, help with transportation and removing other barriers the parent may be facing.

Returning Students:

I returned to school ten years after my last semester, I was a single mother of four, facing an unknown medical problem, unable to work and fighting the injustice of the Wayne County juvenile justice system due to a victimized child. I needed the student loans to help pay for my household bills, I ran out of funds just before my last semester. There are so many stories like mine, and others. The goal here is to assist returning student with other ways of paying for school to decrease the dependence on student loans. We also want to assist in other ways that will help returning students complete their degree with ease, such as cost of books and living expenses, provide resources for tutors, transportation, and childcare.

Unknown Chronic Illness:

I suffered from an unknown illness for eight years before the medical lab found a mutation in my genes and I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy Limb Girdle. The focus of this cause will rely on established relationships with physician’s sensitive to helping patients dealing with undiagnosed medical conditions. We will identify the best way to assist individuals and families suffering in this way.

I have walked in all these situations; I am currently living with some of them as well. I have a deep passion for each experience leahmonet has committed help. Contributions from every product sold under leahmonet will be used to help individuals and families faced with the above challenges.