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company values

company values


leahmonet llc and leahmonet Philanthropist FoundationTM will change the conversation around mental wellness and the importance of love, compassion and restorative justice to empower people to live their fullest possible lives.

culture statement

The purpose of leahmonet llc™ is to provide a support system for the restoration of individuals and families struggling with mental and physical wellness and the barriers people sometimes have to overcome to live their fullest lives. leahmonet’s brand culture is one of love, compassion and empowerment. leahmonet llc is committed to building a business and philanthropic organization connected by people who believe everyone deserves a chance to speak their truth, be heard and have the help they need to pursue their dreams in spite of challenges. As an organization and foundation, we are committed to uplifting and empowering others to overcome adversity and bring unity, passion and support to urban and disadvantaged communities.

positioning Statement

The collections by leahmonet llc™ are designed for those who want their purchases to reflect their desire to contribute to a better world. The products give people the power to express their voices in the chorus of support for individuals and families facing adversity. We create a platform to assist, inspire and empower those in need of kindness and compassion to find opportunities to grow, change and persevere.

meet the team

leah ellis


Leah Ellis dreams of transforming the pain from her personal trials and traumas into triumphs for those walking similar paths of despair and desperation. Since founding leahmonet llc. in 2016, Ellis has envisioned using her company as a caused-based platform for the leahmonet Philanthropist Foundation — a charitable body created and funded through a portion of sales from the unique product lines in her brand. Her aspiration for the foundation is to assist with funding programs and services that aid people in their daily struggles with everything from mental health and domestic violence to the juvenile justice system and homelessness.


Through her product lines such as jewels4justice, the futures educational notebook collection, and the conceptual TRUTH clothing line, Ellis hopes to empower people to seek the help they need, inspire them to lead their best lives and persevere through the personal struggles they encounter.


Ellis credits her deeply devout faith and spirituality for giving her the determination and drive to address and overcome her own struggles as well as the being the source for her empathy, compassion and dedication to philanthropy.


She sees leahmonet llc. as a much-needed voice for those who are speechless, an ear to those who have gone unheard and a hand to those who have stumbled — because being able to stand together with unified intent is the most powerful way to enact positive change.