leahmonet Philanthropic FoundationTM

leahmonet llc is a cause-based business designed to positively empower and inspire people through the product lines and their support of the leahmonet Philanthropist Foundation™. The collections under the brand help to self-fund philanthropic initiatives that provide those in need with opportunities to aspire, persevere and find justice. 30% of each purchase is automatically allocated to the foundation without the customer opting in to do so. The common thread through the lines is the unmet need for understanding, support, and resources related to mental wellness from birth through adulthood.

our causes

The leahmonet Philanthropic FoundationTM supports seven causes:

Mental Health

Domestic Violence


The Juvinile Justice System

Single Parents

Returning Students

Unknown Chronic Illness


For a complete explanation of the causes leahmonet supports, and why they are important to our company, please read our blog post that goes into more detail: caused-based.

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