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The futures™ Collection is a product that organizations that seek to educate families, therapists, and educators involved with ADHD and ADD students can feel confident recommending. The futures™ Collection has demonstrated efficacy among ADHD and ADD learners for improving learning outcomes.


The futures™ Collection is a unique solution developed to help ADHD students succeed in the classroom by providing students with an intuitive way to improve their note taking and information organization.



“Before the Futures Collection, unless my professor created a review, I was completely lost on how to start studying for the exam, but the Futures Collection solved that problem. The Collection provides the organization needed to see exactly what you should study and how to go about it as well. After implementing the Collection in my study routine, I was able to bring my exam scores up two full grades".

                                                                                                                       -Jenna Clemence, RCPD Pilot Student

“I am so happy Leah developed a tool that helped her find academic success and I am glad she is sharing it with our office. We are piloting the notebooks with students who have experienced learning challenges, and it is my hope the notebooks help them with academic difficulties such as focus and memory and provide an overall more engaging learning experience,”

                                            -Darryl Steele, RCPD Ability Access Specialist At Michigan Stste University.

 “I’m super excited. I think it’s really cool to have another unique thing to try. So many students have trouble with notetaking, and finding the right system is what it takes,” 

                                                         -Kelsey Foote, RCPD Ability Specialist at Michigan State University

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leahmonet llc™ is a cause-based business designed to positively empower and inspire people through the product lines and their support of the leahmonet Philanthropist Foundation™. The collections under the brand help to self-fund philanthropic initiatives that provide those in need with opportunities to aspire, persevere and find justice. The common thread through the lines is the unmet need for understanding, support and resources related to mental wellness from birth through adulthood.


The purpose of leahmonet llc™ is to provide a support system for the restoration of individuals and families struggling with mental and physical wellness and the barriers people sometimes have to overcome to live their fullest lives. leahmonet’s brand culture is one of love, compassion, and empowerment. As an organization and foundation, we are committed to uplifting and empowering others to overcome adversity and bring unity, passion and support to urban and disadvantaged communities. 


leahmonet product lines are each designed to advance the dialogue around mental illness. Each line is designed to provide hope for people seeking ways to navigate a difficult road to a full life and to do it by addressing their barriers and speaking their TRUTHS. Each product line contributes to the leahmonet Philanthropist FoundationTM. This means that in addition to a beautiful, unique and useful product, consumers are also supporting the foundation’s mission to drive the important dialogue around mental illness and the importance of restorative justice.

company values

hope, help, and healing

In an increasingly splintered and embittered world, those three words of light and inspiration can sometimes seem lost in the darkening shadows of despair and isolation. Yet there is a growing radiance of guidance that can illuminate safe passage back to hope, help and healing.


Cause and community are the driving forces behind the leahmonet brand. leahmonet

believes empathy, kindness and compassion are wide paths to empower and embolden

people to become their best selves, which is why leahmonet dedicates a portion of every purchase from its collections toward services and programs that aid people in their daily struggles with everything from mental health and domestic violence to the juvenile justice system and homelessness.


leahmonet provides a voice to those who are speechless, an ear to those who have gone

unheard and a hand to those who have stumbled — because being able to stand

together with unified intent is the most powerful way to enact positive change.

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